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time of year. the kid are spending. details on that but happy 4th of july and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson mike masco is in for lynette charles. it could be wet later. >> it could be. we could see a few storms but i think as we head towards latterportion of the evening and tonight things will calm down. 78 in town. west northwest wind at 7 and that has been picking up due in part to storms to the north. a few of them are moving into tawnytown and it will cross into westminster. no lightning being detected on maryland's most powerful radar. swinging towards the north, there's a banned of be -- band of steady rains on the pennsylvania side of the boarding crossing into northern maryland northern baltimore county in the next 25 to 30 minutes. everything pushing from northwest to southeast motion and this is going to move through rapidly so this morning on the wet side. but we will dry out as we head into the afternoon hours. and we will get the sunshine to go to work. the breeze is out there 3 to 5 and the temperatures starting out very, very mild. 70
>>> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great tuesday. >>> you're watching the station that works for you good morning maryland at 4 chn 30. >>> no one deserves this. a cockeysville woman attacked after walking her dog. the advice she is giving so itdoesn't happen to you. >>> thousands people could have been affected with hepatitis c. now we have details about the man at the center of the investigation. >> he we love ocean city for the beaches and entertainment but there's nothing fun about what has been happening to some women. we will tell you about that on this tuesday july 31st. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining news welcome back. >> if you have flown with children oregon on vacation with them, your vacation is very different. >> let's go over to lynette charles in with a check of the forecast. >> good morning. so glad to have you back, megan. let's talk about the weather. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, close to home, things look pretty good. we are nice and dry. as
morning and thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charlie crowson, welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> where'd you go? >> poison, def leppard. >> we've got pictures on facebook if you want to check those out. time now for a check of the forecast. hello gun web to meteorologist -- once again to meteorologist lynette charles. >> we have a tranquil thursday on tap for us, get out there espn joy it because we are dry with some clouds right now. seasonal temperatures. and it will be less humid today. that's going to make everybody happy right? we look at maryland's most powerful radar and we are dry. all five sweeps are on and we should pretty much stay that way through the day. today will be a carbon copy of what we saw yesterday with less humidity in the picture. so waking up this morning stepping out the door in ohings mills, coming in at 63 degrees. good morning columbia at 64 degrees. feels pretty good out there right now. a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. how are the roads? >>> good morning lynette. fortunately everyt
right. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. let's check out what's going on, on maryland middle east powerful radar. we are dry around town. but, the further off we slide off towards the south and west, we have wet weather trying to push in from that area. your travels taking you back towards west virginia and virginia around harrisonburg we will see wet weather acrews the air -- -- across the area. some of this could die out before it reaches us. temperatures this morning, coming in at 69 in northville. 66 in west friendship. i will talk more about the warming trend coming up but right now let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. construction does continue on 895. just south of the harbor tunnel toll plaza. northbound lanes are clocking in at 54 miles per hour. checking in and looking at 95, up in white marsh, everything is nice and clear. not too many cars out there yet. there will be a nice easy ride headed into the
with us for "good morning america." have a gre during a block party of teens and young adults. police say they have the person of interest in custody. those stories and much more coming up today. >>> news time 4:30 and we have two big stories right here in our area. one is the heat and the water main break that happened in downtown baltimore. >> we will check in with lynette to see how things are going but first a time-lapse of the video from the inner harbor. you have to check this out. look closey as you see the time goes on -- closely, as you see the time going on that's the gunk filling the harbor. this is near light and lombard street. we will check with linda so late her on this morning. we will have live reports and what you need to know getting around there because track will be a big deal today. >> all right. let's check in with lauren to see how it's moving right now. >> well, the water main break is causing make probable -- mainly problems. and this is -- major problems. and this is the scene yesterday. water gushing over light and pratt streets and continues to shut down light
with us for "good >>> you're wchg the -- watching the station that works for yougood morning maryland. >> the city of baltimore continues to deal with water main break. i am hive with reports on what -- i am live with reports on what you need to know to get around the problem. >> a sailor sentenced. he learns his fate today. and on the run, a murder suspect reportedly tries to flee with a parked passenger jet and things go from bad to worst. first, staying cool. it's going to be the name of the game again. brace yourself for another scorcher for the 5th time this summer. we hit 100 degrees yesterday and we are expected to be well above the # 0s today. -- 90s today. good morning it's wednesday thanks for joining us i am megan prinko charley live but mike masco joins us. -- pringle, charlee live but mike masco joins us today. >> if we end and continue the stretch, we will be the hottest. let's talk weather and about yesterday. we hit 100. right now it's 81 degrees. not much of a drop in the temperatures to the overnight and we are continuing to see the temperatures that will soar this a
that's what's making news many america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great day. >>> you're watching the station that works for you, good morning maryland." at 4:30. >>> our hearts are broken, our community is not. we will take this experience and use it to strengthen our commitment to each other. >> they say they -- sang and prayed and the community took time remembering the victims of the deadly theater shooting. and there's hole outside penn state beaver stadium. joe paterno stad you has been taken down -- stadium has been taken out. they all note difficulties of caring for a special needs child and one family is taking their story to capitol hill. good morning i am charley crowson. megan is off. we begin with a check of the forecast for the workweek withmeteorologist mike masco. >> outside we go it's a pretty nice looking shot. 71 close to that dew point value. patchy fog on the roadways. we are watching the potential maybe a few drizzle pockets. 71 in town. 76 in d.c. eastern shore temperatures near 70 degrees. patches of drizzle this morn
're using the jfx to get into the city, just 11 minutes from the beltway all the way downtown. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. megan and charlie, over to you. >>> a third world country, that's how some business owners describe what it would be like on the streets directly affected by the water main break. >> relief could be on the way and we find abc2 news' sherrie johnson downtown once again this morning. day three but like you said there could be some changes coming. >> reporter: charlie, you know we have all this information for you this morning. we have just learned that some of the businesses have actually reopened and they have water and they've reopened but you know what? take a look at what is causing all this headache here. this huge hole here as you can see they have a light blasting on it crews have been working on this. they're taking a break right now and they'll start a little later this morning but this hole is huge. and it's going to take them about three weeks to finish up these repairs. this 7/11 right here, this is just one of the businesses that actually reo
>>> whether you are going to work or staying at home, think ace twi bout how you use your water. why people living in the city and counties are asked to conserve. >>> fight to repeal health care again. what is expected when members of the house take the floor of another vote. >>> a family in mourning funeral arrangements made for three boys who drowned along the eastern shore. those stories and more coming up on this tuesday, july 10th. i'm charley crowson. megan pringle is off today. we welcome back meteorologist lynette charles, she has been gone for a little while. >> i missed all of you. we are talking about bit of wet weather on maryland's most powerful radar. bel air, light showers around jaretsville, kingsville, perry hall and oberly. to the south, more showers, little bit heavier around baltimore, dundalk. we will see the showers persisting as we head through the morning hours. if you want the thunderstorms you will have to head to is south. we are dealing with the stationary front bling thunderstorms firing up around richmond, heading towards the east. throughout the da
of the problems people are dealing with. i hope you had a great weekend. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get to the weather with lynette charles. scattered showers. >> we did have rumbles of thunder overnight. the streets are wet. things are starting to taper off. that's good news on maryland's most powerful radar. we can see a couple of isolated scattered showers, petersburg, franklin, west virginia. things are drying out nicely. 73 now in aberdeen. 76 edgemere. buoy around 74 degrees. when you have the temperatures this warm, we are going to get hotter. a heat advisory in effect for 8 today that goes in at lunchtime until 8:00. that's for the areas here shaded in the orange color. baltimore city, county, you are under that through the remainder of today. i will talk about when the heat wave will break, those details coming up. >>> if you are traveling through the tunnels this morning, construction does continue on 895, no delays. the northbound lanes of 895, clocking in at 58 miles per hour. 95, white marsh, no problems at route ro43, an easy rid
have tips on what to do to mack it look the best on the block. monday morning, thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. hot temperatures out there and lightning overnight. another band of severe weather moving across parts of virginia. and pennsylvania and scattered throughout maryland. behind it could cooler temperatures be in the future? let's check in with meteor will gist mike masco in for lynette what is in store. >> we are hoping cooler temperatures come in. it's going to be lower humidity today. but still some storms popping across the area. look at the houston shoreline getting rocked with storms. ocean city towards dover much of the attered showers and stea showers especially a-- and lightning coming down and that's going to cross along 70s. there could be a localized flash flooding. we have local area roadways in central franklin county or frederick county that have flooded out some. 77 in town a very mild 79 around d.k. and -- d.c. and we are starting out 77 on the way for 87 degrees. there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm but the theme t
affected through the course of the morning. use route 40 as an alternative route. going towards the south in baltimore city. 895 into the route 2 frank first avenue a slowup due to -- due to constuck and toll plazas -- construction and toll plazas into the fort mchenry along # 5 northbound between toll plaz -- 95 northbound between toll plazas speeds have been knocked down. more construction delays towards the south moving along pennington avenue and ordinance road. you will see sighups due to construction. a live shot shows a -- not a bad looking shot. there's another shotfor you? we will show youch the drive times route 43 -- you. the drive times 95 to 83, 11 minutes and 795 to 95, just about 12 minutes. charley. >>> as masco mention monument street will be closed for a few days more while crews continue to repair the large srchg shoal. b -- searching hole. engineers are using radar technology to see other damage was done to pipes underneath the searching hole. >>> break news some in baltimore county will need a place to stay after a two-alarm fire that started after 2 this morning near
on this monday, july 2nd. i'm charley crowson. if you have power, thank you for joining us. megan pringle is out this morning with the lingering storm damage from the weekend and a round of storms that rolled through overnight for many of us. mike is in for lynette. >>> we started out with nothing on radar. all the sudden big storms moving across. a couple of rain showers, everything towards the east, 695, middle river. the good news is, everything is exiting stage right that's going to allow for clearing during the course of the afternoon. we are sitting at 74 town. northerly wind at 8. it's a drying wind today. it's going to feel less in the way of humid. 74 in town, 80 dc. we will take the 2-degree temperature to 93. the risk of spot shower or storm after 4:00, that would segway in to the 8:00 hour. we will talk about the weather in a little bit. 695, we are keeping an eye on. wet roadways, exercise caution, keep your speeds down this morning. here is 695, traffic running smoothly. earlier we had an accident around route 40. looking pretty good i-95 to 83, 11 minutes. 795 to 95, 11 minutes as
too soon at just 61. that is what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morn i'm happy to be back. satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot. clouds to the north and south. around us, clear and we are also dry as we go in to the afternoon, things will change a bit. street northbound exit delays due to traffic, construction delays at this how, north york road, paving operations underway, that will start. pretty good right now on the web cam, 95 route 43. another check on traffic in a little bit. >>> it wasn't the ncaa's version of the death penalty, but for the fans and alum it may have been. sherrie johnson has reaction to the punishment. >> it was a long list of penalties ncaa penalty crippled the football program for years. it's in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal by jerry sandusky. penn state accepts the penalties they signed a agreement which means they won't appeal the punishment. the money prom the fine will go to programs to prevent child abuse. wins from 9 8-2011 have been removed. on campuss students react to the news. >> football does not
with us for good mornin >>> if you drive a ford escape, don't head out the door until you hear about a defect that's causing a major recall. >>> get ready for some fun in charm city this weekend. what you need to know before heading out. >>> wicked weather, heavy rain, lightning and wind leaves behind flooding. you're looking at sherree johnson. she's live this morning. she'll tell us about no power. >>> all of that straight ahead, but breaking news out of aurora, colorado, right outside denver where police say at least 20 people have been injured at a cinema showing of "the dark knight rises" that opened at midnight. >> big deal right now because there are crowds out there. we're working on getting a live picture for you later in the show. as soon as we get it, we'll bring it to you. let's get you the information we know so far that we heard from police, they say one person was taken into custody, pu it's unclear right now as to more people are involved or not. now, the bomb squad also on the scene. our scripps station is at the scene right now and they're going to bring you live u
>> stay with us for "good morning america." thanks for watching. have a great thursday. >>> we have new information and video after a child drowns at a pool in anne arundel county. the latest information on that drowning coming up. >>> and life star is walking off the job in one florida beach. why one of their own was fired for doing his job. we'll fill you in on that on this thursday, july 5th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson, megan is on assignment this morning and we'll be checking in with her in a minute but for now a check of the very hot forecast. say hello once again. meteorologist mike masco. >> we're already starting out 80 degrees at bwi and humidity up at 56% and that wednesday ushering in again all the moisture from down to the south. 80 in town right now. look at the eastern shore numbers into the 80s. that's a very, very sticky start and we're going to be talking about the heat indices rising through the course of the afternoon. heat advisory for much of the 95 corridor as the daytime highs returning around 98 degrees will feel like it's between 100 to 105
turn on your faucet and green water comes out. public works is testing the pipes using a green dye it is to find weaknesses in the pipes t is unlikely you will come in contact t is non-toxic. >>> and this is severe weather rolls through leaving thousands in the dark, this is familiar. details on the damage and clean up now underway this morning. >>> and reports say one in four children in maryland is obese. this morning we talk to an advocate to get kids in charge in making healthy choices. >>> and we have a good looking shot behind me. the roads are clear. we have travel delays. construction delays. that's in a bit. new york. there it is. a good looking shot. we'll have more good morning maryland. >>> and it is 4:39. thousands in new york waking up in the dark and severe weather uprooting trees and knocking down power lines and hail and high winds whipping across the state at the height of the storm. and 12,000 customers were in the dark. >>> over in the windy city, hot weather being forecast. 180,000 people there without power. storms and winds made for a messy morning commute on
died at the scene. >>> a new warning for parents out there using baby monitors. the potential hazards those monitors now pose that wouldn't even occur to those who took care of the little ones. >>> also a special lagger coming out of one brewery after last week's rain and power outages. >>> lauren. >>reporter: up to speed here at 695 and hartford road. i'll show you how things are shaping up on 683 coming up on "good morning maryland." you're taking a live look at the city. a good way to start the day. please stay with us. you're watching "good morning maryland." ñ' >>> a d.c.-area brewing company has found a silver lining in that nasty rash of storms that knocked out power two weeks ago. alexandria's port city brewing company is now introducing a limited edition beer last night called deracho. the name comes from the weather system that caused the high winds and the rain. so to you, lynette charles, i say the first round is on me. >> that was so good. i love it. that's a good one. >> you like that? >> clever. >> thank you for the rain yesterday, i got out and -- thanks for the for
in the dark right now is baltimore county, more than 61,000 people are in the dark there. so stay with us this morning. we are going to hear from bge officials coming up at 5:00 and 6:00 this morning. >>> first let's look at the dang that-- damage that is plaguing the area. trees are still blocking roadsand intersections are in the dark. charley crowson is out on fleetwood avenue and northeast baltimore with how things are looking there. charley. >> reporter: we are at old harford road and fleetwood avenue and this is the common scene. downed trees and this is what is slowing electric crews from coming in and getting power back on to the residents who desperately need it. we were here for the updates throughout the day yesterday. we have become very familiar with this van. we have become very familiar with a woman who lives here in the house next to this van where the tree is overturned. how have things been going for you? we are at day 4 and 5. >> nice and hot. >> reporter: you said the baby woke you up this morning? how's the baby doing with the heat? >> she is okay. i mean, we have a t
news. have a good morning, stay with us everybody. that will make you sweat. details coming up on good morning america. >>> now, good morning maryland at 4:30. >>> hundreds of thousands still without power across the state. let's check out what a looks like from space. why not, right. we can. nasa took these before and after pictures. take a look. you can see a dark spot over virginia and west virginia, and an area that would normally be full of life. a pretty cool image and images that you want to see this image. >> it's 75 in town, once again a launching pad for upper 90s to 100. we have an excessive heat watch trying to make sense of this map right now. excessive heat watch going into effect tomorrow, excessive heat advisory today. the heat indices is not going to be as brute -- brutal today as tomorrow, all the way out another ohio valley, here's your forecast for today, 100 degrees, very hot and humid. tonight we down to 75. and not guilty much to talk about -- not much to talk about. roads are very very very quiet. here's what's going on in 83. downtown to the border, bot
, between wolf and patterson park avenue. use orlean street. this intersection will be shutdown for a month. as you are headed to 95, this is what it looks like in to the city, no problems at 395, it will remain closed through the fort mc henry tunnel. no delays on 95 through white marsh. 695 in great shape on the outer loop from 95, up to 83. that will take you 11 minutes and on the west side, a 12 minute ride from 795, down to 95. >>> an 8 year old boy is find lifeless and cpr saved him. a new law added a back up plan. the boy was part of a birthday party saturday, a lifeguard named mark noticed the child in the deep end. he performed cpr and got him breathing. the incident happened a month after conner's law went in to place mandating defibrillators. >> conner was watching over the little boy yesterday. the mother got a great gift, her son is alive. >> the victim's name has not been released. conners law is considered in queen anns county, the goal is to take the measure nationwide. >>> maybe a while before a police officer is back at work after shot in the leg. officers say one of three
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